The Inner Circle

Inner Circle Statement of Purpose

The Inner Circle is a social organization that started in 1983 and became official in 1986.
We have  sponsored many diverse affairs that have served thousands of pace-setting
and professional people throughout the Delaware Valley,  New York, Washington, D. C.,
and other distant localities.

We are committed to creating and promoting positive and necessary programs that will
enlighten and enrich the social, political, educational, and economic development in our

As a result of our many promotions and with the cooperation of our membership, the
Inner Circle has been able to contribute to the following organizations:

    Stephen Smith Towers for the Elderly
    Germantown Boys and Girls Club
    Jamaica Flood Relief Fund
    Clothing Drive for the Homeless

And in addition to the social promotions we have sponsored:

    Male / Female Open Forum
    Blacks in Business, First Generation Entrepreneurs Conference
    Preparing for a prosperous Business Seminar and Expo
    Mentors Breakfast / Outing
    "Inner Peace" Support Group
    Excursion to the Million Man March

As we begin the 21st century, the Inner Circle's agenda is not
a "cure all" but an accommodation of the concerned efforts that
are needed to improve existing conditions. By keeping our head
to the sky and with your support, together we can "make that
change" and provide future generations with a more wholesome,
sensitive and productive environment.

Thanks to those who have supported us in the past and we look
forward to your continued support in the years to come.